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5 Years and Counting by Dr Z is now available.


“A riveting experience involving extraterrestrial beings from the perspective of Dr. Z Nowak, who is our ears and eyes.”

“An in-depth journey about the unknown Alien presence, hidden away from the human site.”

The story of 5 Years and Counting is documented by Dr. Z Nowak, whose experience shakes the very core of what we believed to be real. He shares his experiences with the world of his encounters with visible but mainly invisible aliens, out-of-this-world beings that cannot be seen but are only felt near someone if the aliens allow it so. He wants the world to know how the recent events of a significant increase of UFO or Unidentified Flying Phenomena (UFP) sightings worldwide are included in the forensics. This supports the validation of their findings with all the incidents of the family’s daily encounters and extraordinary encounters with the seven and ½ Foot Leader.

The title of the book “5 Years and Counting” is based on how long they have been with this Family, which is coming to an end. The clock is rapidly coming to a stop. The Aliens have a devastating plan that Dr. Z Nowak knows about and will reveal this information only at the right time. Nearly a hundred different sketches were developed by Dr. Z of all the visible and those that only shared the outline of their form. All the Alien encounters since mid-2016 have been documented to keep a historical reference.

This Initial Introduction of Dr. Z and his Family with the appearance of “The Leader” and the Invisible Aliens has only covered the years from mid-2016 through the partial beginning of 2018. However, at the end of the book, there is a complimentary section titled “Significant Devastating Events of 2021”, which is only the beginning of the end. There is so much yet to cover from the years 2018 through 2020. This will be shared across this planet in the very near future, our Savior Willing.

The book will capture the imagination of many readers who will get to know the real truth. They will get to know how realities are not what they seem as they go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. 5 Years and Counting is a unique reading experience that everyone should go through. Don’t miss out and grab your copy on its release date [URL of the official author’s website].

About The Author

DR.Z is a man who has seen it all and recorded everything there is to know about the extraterrestrial presence. Since their arrival, DR. Z has been at the forefront of everything happening and wants the world to know the truth.

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  • Chris Payne
    Posted September 8, 2022 at 7:35 pm

    Really excited to see someone else believing the same thing as I do

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