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Those Silly Americans

From the outset, it seems clear that Stephen Edward’s debut book ‘The Silly Americans’ will impart a sense of piercing reality in both the American and International readers. The style with which he has written his first book is reminiscent of the times we are living in: cutthroat and chaotic. He is not one of the people you can mess with and get out unscathed. From judges to lawyers, he has unraveled every bit of corruption and injustice prevalent in the American Judiciary System.

And yet, the most striking part in the book was not the secrets he laid bare, but the Sightings he witnessed and wrote about in this book. The experiences he shared are not something one could fabricate, there is a 911 call to potentially backup the claims he made regarding the presence of non-human, non-animal entities in the sky.

Us fuzzing humans are stupid, they do not understand we are not alone, said the Deputy to him after he witnessed the Phoenix lights formed perfectly in the Albuquerque’s night sky.

UFOs, a mirage for the majority, but a symbol of the vastness held by the universe for a few selected ones. Stephen has shared one such experience where he became one of the few selected ones who have noticed the presence of extra-terrestrial beings as they control their visibility and hide in plain sight under the cover of earth’s atmosphere.

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