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How to Stick to Your Book Writing Plan

Before we start, let’s be clear: a book writing plan differs from planning your book. Whereas planning your book is the “what” and might include things like an outline, notecards, maps, timelines, and character descriptions, your book writing plan is the “how”. The how includes the steps to get the work done. It is not…

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Epiphanies of Humanity

“Epiphanies of Humanity” Famous epiphanies include Isaac Newton’s realization that a falling apple and the orbiting moon are both pulled by the same force. It took over 300 years for humanity to accept this theory.  Today’s Examples: In June 2017, when DrZ was attacked by the Aliens. He was rushed to the Emergency ward for significant…

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Poteet Victory

A fascinating genre-bending biography of a Native American artist Coined as a biography, it’s difficult to place Poteet Victory absolutely into that genre, as it is structured as a mostly-dialogue narrative. The Author’s Note at the end of the piece, describing the line between fact and fiction is necessary to get the full scope of how and what…

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FIDE Book Awards 2022: Call for nominations

Dear Publishers and Authors,  The FIDE Trainers’ Commission invites your nominations for the Yuri Averbakh & Isaac Boleslavsky Book Awards 2022. There will be a total of three awards, Gold, Silver and Bronze, and both the publisher and author will be acknowledged. Eligible are chess books (print) published in 2021. Publishers may submit up to…

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Like No Other Boy by Larry Center

PRESS RELEASE: Like No Other Boy by Larry Center  “A touching, tender fantasy” “Tender and Powerful and Loving” “For many years I have been an avid nonfiction reader. Not noticing that the book was a novel, I devoured it in two settings. Mr. Center is indeed an author I will follow. Excellent.” Like No Other…

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The Moonballers

Jeffrey Sotto’s novel, The Moonballers, invokes mixed emotions—from laughing out loud to holding back tears. With a steady pace and a smooth writing style, this novel tells compelling stories about beautiful people who capture us and keep us hooked. The novel revolves around the Torpedo Valley Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Two-Spirited Tennis team. It opens with…

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