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Epiphanies of Humanity

“Epiphanies of Humanity”

Famous epiphanies include Isaac Newton’s realization that a falling apple and the orbiting moon are both pulled by the same force. It took over 300 years for humanity to accept this theory.

 Today’s Examples:

  1. In June 2017, when DrZ was attacked by the Aliens. He was rushed to the Emergency ward for significant open wounds. Ayada slipped and told the Doctors I was seeing Aliens when asked by the Doctors how this happened.
  2. It was mandatory by the Doctors to enter the Psych ward at the Hospital and DrZ was released 2 weeks later but was mandated to see a psychiatrist. DrZ saw a Psychiatrist from Mid 2007 through 2020. DrZ was prescribed meds for being delusional and to reduce anxiety. DrZ was caught up in those that believe in Aliens and those that are not.
  3. In September 2020, DrZ was admitted into the Hospital for being very drunk and tagged an alcoholic and severe alcoholism that was all driven by the Aliens. DrZ was in detox recovery in a special facility for a month. DrZ was asked if he was seeing Aliens still and he lied to get out of the recovery ward. DrZ has not had any alcohol since but involuntarily saw a psychiatrist and now see a Neurologist too but was finally release from the Psychiatrist in early 2021 since the Neurologist had a Psychiatry degree too would take care of me.
  4. October 2021, DrZ’s entire family, not Ayada, said he was delusional along with my Attorney and Neurologist. DrZ refused to enter a psych ward for believing that Aliens exist.
  5. Believing in Aliens has caused DrZ so much drama in his life from people that do not believe at all.
  6. DrZ’s latest “New Psychiatrist” started in December 2021 is at least willing to listen and is open minded about UFOs, etc.
  7. DrZ’s initial thoughts will use many studies by psychologists around the world trying to unravel why do humans try intertwining the UFOs and extraterrestrial beings is a delusional reasoning or not and why a lot of individuals now around the world still have mixed emotions to really believe and are asking governments to release information that they know to help them decide but the Governments are resisting. Use of the psychological aspect that Governments are so resistant to ensure information of their secrets isn’t leaked could be a major factor that needs research. Ever since July 9,1947 when the UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, questions still rise about whether this changed the minds of humanity about UFOs and Aliens or not.

However, these powerful Governments may know that a much more powerful extraterrestrial force could be or know for a fact these entities exist. 

From a psychological aspect by leveraging powerhouse individuals around the world to drive home the answers or drive home the risks for humanity’s existence. 

Should “5 Years and Counting” be associated in this blog with or without supporting details of the “5 Years and Counting “effort? Should it be totally independent, and allow this blog to only focus on the psychological aspects of Humans and UFOs?  

The Aliens will not care either way. They just think I’m delusional (funny comment only).

DrZ’s objective is from a psychological point of view of how humanity contemplates the presentation of information how they, in their minds, accept or deny the realization of UFOs and Aliens and why it takes so long to convince people once facts are conveyed.  Also, since humans have built in survival genes that they do not want to die. Therefore, would they want the world’s Governments Military to fight to their death to save the humanity of planet Earth or just stand around and do nothing about Aliens potential destruction of Humanity if the findings reflect unbelievable possibility if this as an accurate and truthful information. As a note, in 2017, Dr. Stephen Hawking had voiced his concern to stop trying to communicate with Aliens in search for extraterrestrial life. Reaching out to advanced civilizations could put earth in a risky position. There is a probability that Extraterrestrials could be the death of Humanity. Dr. Hawking had major debates with Dr. Douglas Vakoch PhD, an American astrobiologist, President of METI International, nonprofit research, and educational organization devoted to transmitting intentional signals to extraterrestrial civilizations. Dr. Vakoch is world renowned and a psychologist.

Dr. Vakoch would be a great candidate to interview and now need a global recognized person that is a psychologist that strongly disagrees that UFOs and Aliens exist and do not offer any threat to humanity.

2. Risk to Proceed on this Blog: Should be Minimal.

3. High RISK Area

Overall, this Blog would be unique and not the standard way or the message will only trickle out since 34% of Americans does not consider UFOs as a major security threat exists yet 65% do believe they exist. Large gap to overcome for the believers but not for the non-believers.

No Doubt, this will be a very interesting Blog research undertaking that will result into a better understanding of the people on Earth regarding UFOs and Aliens.

In the 1951 Movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” Michael Rennie (Klaatu) had to stun the world to get humanity’s attention, so he shut down all electricity. This background insight from the 1950’s is probably the same today even though the UFO landed in Washington D.C. Let this examination figure out today’s society’s feelings and why?




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