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 Miss Diagnosis

Miss Diagnosis takes place in a hospital where something secretive is going on. In the middle of the night, strange packages are being transferred in parking lots. 

Kate is being worked hard by Dr. Lucas. She feels like she’s crumbling under the pressure of her profession, upcoming marriage, and her personal demons. Lien, meanwhile, is an ambitious student unknowingly helping out with deliveries of the dangerous experiments in the laboratory. 

Right off the bat, the compelling narration and the engaging writing style pull us into the story. 

We follow Kate on her journey through the stressful environment of the hospital and through the constant questioning of whether or not she has what it takes to be a doctor. She has panic attacks and blackouts, landing her in places she doesn’t know how she got to. 

Not only that, but her relationship with her fiancé Sean is on the rocks. Their power dynamics seem to be all messed up despite loving each other. Kate has low self-esteem, and Sean has a big ego. He seeks pleasure in feeling he is better than others, even Kate. Dr Lucas has a habit of targeting Kate more than all her other students.

This thriller story walks us through chilling incidents that shake us up—just like they do the protagonist. Every character in the book is complex and has some baggage. The author shows us this in a subtle way through their actions that reflect their trauma.

On the surface, the characters feel like normal human beings, but some instincts in them lead them to do some morally grey actions. What is fascinating here is that the author creates them in such a way that the reader doesn’t immediately dislike them nor are they wary of them even when they do bad things. We’re just taken off guard and keep going.

The story does not go in a direction that I expected either. I appreciate this. It makes Miss Diagnosis different from other mysteries I’ve read lately—with a plot that can’t be predicted.

The horrifying things in this book border on being fantastical and what could possibly be the reality if things could go so wrong in real life. It brings into question both the immense control humans have and how their actions can affect the innocent and ignorant, as well as the lack of any control that majority of people have, which makes them end up as victims.

If thrilling, sinister stories in a hospital set-up are your cup of tea, then you will love this book. A well-crafted story with a captivating writing style, Miss Diagnosis will make you anticipate its terrifying events as much as it will make you fear them.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense / Medical

Print Length: 307 pages

ISBN: 978-1678005504

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