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Bohemian Emancipation by Albert Feynberg is now available

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Bohemian Emancipation by Albert Feynberg is now available.

“Like Nietzsche, Camus, and Sartre before him, Albert Feynberg makes you analyze and question what you knew and what you think you know.”

“A philosophical gold mine for the ages.”

Bohemian Emancipation explores the depth of the human mind and its ability to think, question, learn, and unlearn. It goes deep within the minds of men and what it means to be free. The understanding of God and such a divine’s existence can be contradictory to the freedom of humans. Bohemian Emancipation is a fantastic read, especially for people interested in philosophy and who have read the writings of some of the great philosophers of our time. This, in many ways, is in line with those same philosophers. The book is genuinely one of the best things you can read all year as it starches at the surface of your soul, making you aware of what’s around you and questioning your notions of morality.

In the book, Albert Feynberg talks about Homosapiens, and how we are the most oblivious but also curious kind on earth: we are both aware and unaware of the environment around us, concerned and not concerned about what is happening around us – we are both the byproduct of dialectics and the very embodiment of it. Following a similar pattern, one may assume that this thing-creating process takes a dialectic form. What about the no-thing-creating process, in which nothingness is in the state of absolute nothingness? One might argue that nothingness’s perfectly symmetric shape has made it destined to be unstable; that instability would essentially collapse and give rise to material things.

Other aspects and beliefs are also explored or at the very least touched upon, such as Nihilism, while also discussing the most critical questions humanity asks itself. Why are we here? Why is there anything at all? Where are we going?

In conclusion, if you want to critically test yourself and your ideas while doing a bit of soul searching then Bohemian Emancipation is the book for you. [URL of the official author’s website].

About the Author

Albert Wilhelm Feynberg wants the readers to challenge their own beliefs and not simply go along with every narrative fed to them. Feynberg urges the reader to forge their own path in this world and to reject ideological apparitions that paint the world as being black and white. He takes off from where some of the most profound thinkers stopped.

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