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From Emma McWonder to Butterfly McWonder – Judy Cutchins’ New Book is now on Amazon!

From Emma McWonder to Butterfly McWonder. The books are available in-store and online.

Away from the hustle-bustle of the city and near to nature, a girl explores her newfound interest in nature.

“She explored wherever something might be found….” A narrative that helps children understand how beautiful nature is, and even when we are not very good at something, we can still adopt it as a hobby.

[Date when the press release will be made the live, city of the author]— The Lab of Butterfly McWonder, published by [name of the publisher, ISBN], is now available online. In a rather simple approach, the author has released version 1 of the book, where she focuses on how something so normal or rather mundane can have an impact on children and encourage them to take up a hobby or instill a love for nature in them.

Need text from the author. Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better, as said by Albert Einstein. This can be the next best thing that can be used to educate children and help them develop a hobby keeping them closer to nature and letting them explore the land and go wherever it takes.

Talk about understanding more about the tiny creatures that we otherwise ignore, Cutchins, Judy brings for you an exciting read which shows how easy it is to enjoy nature away from the hustle-bustle of the city and be able to understand and inspect nature closely and the creature without disrupting their habitat. Ms. McWonder is a visual representation of the idea the author is proposing.

For more information about The Lab of Butterfly McWonder, please visit [URL of the official author’s website].

About the author:

Growing up in Atlanta, I was my parents’ only child until the age of 10. Spending a lot of time teaching and creating life science programs at Fernback Science Centre, Atlanta, I grew fond of Nature and knew that if I were to pen down something, it would be something around the same. Having published dozens of non-fiction, I knew that fiction was something worthy to be explored by me. I wrote this particular story out after I was reunited in a way with the excitement of my youth by a young seven-year-old neighbor named Emma. With this book, I yearn to cultivate the message of sustainability and environmental protection. While I may not have had many hard times in my life, I would want to become a responsible part of society and contribute to the same.

As Joseph Campbell said, “Follow Your Bliss.”

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