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Massimo Parlermo’s Desire for Love – A Tale of Rare Love

Desire For Love by Massimo Parlermo – A story of an almost lost love, given up by unbelievable and strange circumstances of a guy fixated on finding someone who could fill his life like his parents’.

Gianni, an eccentric middle aged man, is on a silent pursuit to find his one and only woman. This pursuit has transformed him from a shy and recluse of a person to a confident and charming man. His looks have always garnered the attention of the hottest women in town. And yet, he longs for someone who would willingly spend a life beside him, a life full of ease, comfort, love and affection, just like the one his parents led. Perhaps, through his pursuit, he was trying to imitate what his loving parents had in their relationship. This book tells a story of his pursuit of the past, of his pursuit to achieve the happiness that his parents once had.

A heartwarming story of searching for love and feeling lost on the way, disappointed by the circumstances. Gianni finds it hard to not to just give in when events happened out of his control.

Characters that speak to your soul, that reflect a part of your life or remind you of someone else, equally desperate to search for love. A story of old, idealistic love with deep emotional scars to accompany.

A reflection of the love we all long for yet never try hard enough to reach it. A story of almost settling for less but not quite. The idea is rooted in reality and resonates with the lives of many.

A beautifully written story of a person we all could relate to, with hopeful expectations at first that slowly fade away with time and failures. Finding that one person that is yours is never easy.

Gripping your mind from the first page, this book will be like a bittersweet nostalgic feeling when you admired the love of your parents and hoped to achieve that level of bliss with someone someday.

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